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The Domestic Operations Group


Meet James Knight and Henrietta Hardin.

In the finest traditions of Bond and Clouseau, this dynamic duo deftly pull you into the hunt, introducing a hilarious cast of characters,
plots and counterplots intertwined in a silky web of deceit and deception before grabbing you with an ending extraordinaire.




eBook $4.99 Kindle eBooks

eBook $4.99 Kindle eBooks eBook $4.99 Kindle eBooks

Defecting Russian Agent, Nicoli Lenin, arrives in America carrying a stolen CD that should make him very rich–or very dead–depending on who gets to him first.

The Russians send Boris to ensure Nicoli’s demise and the mission’s success. The Japanese awaken the Green Dragons, a long dormant sleeper cell, with hopes of relieving Nicoli of his burgled bounty.

The CIA wants no part of what they assume to be a disinformation ploy designed to waste millions of tax dollars on a sure-fire boondoggle.

James Knight and Henrietta Hardin become pawns in a disingenuous plot designed to place the blame for failure squarely on their shoulders. All this changes when the true and bountiful nature of the information on the CD becomes known.

Between the defecting agent and his defective cousin, a humming Russian assassin, Japanese sleepers and a leader of men named, "Eight Ball," the race to the land of plenty is riddled with multiple plot twists, turns and big furry critters in unmarked boxes.

A "Top Secret President’s Eyes-Only" report detailing the upcoming shortcomings of the world’s oil supplies is stolen from inside the White House.

President Valentine thinks there may have been a section dealing with possible alternatives to a world war. However, what with the party for Ms. O’Day and all, he really didn’t have a chance to get an in-depth look at the full report.

With everyone in the FBI about to be excommunicated over a brothel raid gone bad, the call goes out for the CIA’s Domestic Operations Group. Knight is just finishing up a panic inducing inspection of some missing chemical waste barrels when the call comes in to pick up his partner and come home. Henrietta is wrapping up an unexpected nighttime drop-in visit to a Ranger Training Camp that introduces the troops to a little on the job training vis-à-vis an opponent in a mind altered state of being.

Operating under cover of a Presidential Finding, James Knight and Henrietta Hardin team up once again for another hilarious romp through the intelligence fields. Gnomes, gargoyles and people who go "thump" in the night lead the agents to a final day of reckoning fraught with large animals of questionable taste and limited digital dexterity.


A file is filched from the FBI. The purloined plan details a plot to steal four truckloads of gold from Fort Knox with the free-lancing forty-niners apparently being aided by renegade G-men.

Then FBI Director Vader herself goes missing along with a couple of Canadian wolves from Colorado.

The president calls in the DOG’s. The CIA’s Domestic Operations Group is charged with bringing back the file, the director and the gold – but not necessarily in that order.

Knight’s inspection of a Special Weapons Storage Facility reveals no shortages for new uses for old nukes, while Henrietta takes to the air, earning her wings, leaving her instructor speechless and the ground crew running for their lives.

The director discovers life at the beach and the wolves take a walk in the park.

Fast cars, loose Lears, and enough gold to make heaven on earth, combine to make this trip down memory lane one for the books.

eBook $4.99 Kindle eBooks

eBook $4.99 Kindle eBooks eBook $4.99 Kindle eBooks


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